Traditional Chinese Medicine


There is no single medical practice that has stirred up so much fanaticism, enthusiasm and skepticism like Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).

Possessing a history of over 5000 years, Traditional Chinese Medicine has evolved into a broad range of diverse medicinal practices, which are, in essence, sophisticated, intertwined and profound.


TCM is manifested in various forms, such as herbal medicine, acupuncture, massage (Tui Na), breath controlling exercise (Qi Gong) and dietary therapy. The core essence of TCM is about harmony: harmony of the internal and external, body and mind, as well as man and nature.
As a fusion of ancient Chinese concepts and the empirical study of the nature, origin, process and cause of disease in the body, TCM has developed under the premise that the human body is a unitary whole - with a harmonious and interrelated relationship between the internal and external, mental and physical. Today, it offers a much-needed holistic approach to medicine that explains the interaction between physiological and pathological phenomena.
TCM is very useful in its ability to diagnose the underlying cause or origin of disease in the body as well as predict secondary manifestations. To treat the cause of the problem and even eliminate the need for further treatment is the reason many people become awe-inspired and bewildered by it. Blessed with numerous TCM workshops, pharmacies and clinics, Hangzhou residents are very fortunate to be able to conveniently access TCM. Even in Hefang Street, once the imperial boulevard of the Southern Song Dynasty and now Hangzhou’s most prosperous and renowned walking street, you can find Hu Qing Yu Tang pharmacy easily. Hu Qing Yu Tang is the most influential TCM pharmacy in Hangzhou and one of the top three in China. A visit to the quaint museum-like Hu Qing Yu Tang pharmacy will promise an eye-opening experience and cultural shock. Experience it with an open mind. You will be convinced!