The Legend of Romance


Name in Chinese: 吴越千古情

Address: No.2555, Fengqing Avenue, Hangzhou (杭州市风情大道2555号)

Phone: 86-571-82880333

Brief of The Legend of Romance

The Legend of Romance is another masterpiece after Romance of the Song Dynasty and it is also an indoor live-action performance that takes place in Hangzhou Paradise Park. Different from Romance of the Song Dynasty, the focus of the Legend of Romance is on the history of Wu State and Yue State.

Applying high-end technology and employing professional directors and dancers, the performance will definitely give you a feast to both the eyes and ears. The performance lasts for one hour and consists of one prelude and four scenes. The prelude narrates the background of the story: the fall of the State of Yue and King Goujian’s descending to a hostage of Wu. The first and second scenes tell the story of Xi Shi – a once careless country girl – becoming a concubine of King Fu Chai of Wu (夫差) under the arrangement of King Goujian as a part of his restoration plan. In the third scene, King Goujian finally defeats King Fu Chai and recovers the lost territory. The last scene shows that on this ancient battlefield of Wu and Yue, diligent Hangzhounese has created the charming Hangzhou.