Universal Therapy Center


Name in Chinese: 宇宙治疗中心

Address: 358 Xiaohe Road

Phone: 15858138653

Brief of Universal Therapy Center

Test tube, measuring glass, human skeleton, model of human body by using an apple as heart, staff wearing in white gown...The above description is about the only unique bar themed with medical-Universal Therapy Center, which starts to do business when night fell and is seated with ‘patients’ to get ‘therapy’.
Walking through a small door that only one person can pass, like going through doraemon‘s pocket, you will enter into this hidden mysterious bar, which only has a size of 60 square meters and a dozen of seats. The design is mainly composed of steam wave and industrial style.
You may laugh out after looking at the wine list that looks like a traditional Chinese medicine prescription, but its content is full of innovative ideas-space magic box, electrocardio recovery, angle in white...Such unique and interesting wine names are not seldom seen in Hangzhou’s other kinds of bars. Another hidden boss wine ‘Evil Queen’s poisoned apple’ is even not on the wine list.