Fashion Club


Name in Chinese: 潮酒吧

Address: 钱江路1366号杭州柏悦酒店48楼

Phone: 86-571-89729800

Brief of Fashion Club

There, at the banks of Qiantang River, comes the Fashion Club, which is the highest bar in Hangzhou and offers not only a 720-degree view of Hangzhou but also the best wine selection. Located on the 48th floor of Park Hyatt Hangzhou Hotel, at an altitude of 200 meters, and with only glasses as walls, the club guests can drink to the best views of Hangzhou.

Fashion Club has also the unique glass corridor in Hangzhou with the floors are all made of transparent glass, which stretches into the air for 1.5 meters and hangs 200 meters above the ground. Walking on the glass corridor, it can be really a little intimidating if you are not the brave one. But rest assured, the glass used to pave the corridor is specially strengthened glass. Here on the glass corridor, you can have a 720-degree view of Hangzhou and it's perhaps the only place in Hangzhou where both Qiantang River and the West Lake can be viewed. The night views are even more spectacular, giving people the fantasy that they are walking on clouds.

The Fashion Club in Hangzhou is the 7th Park Hyatt Hotel's in-the-air bar in China and 39th in the world. It has the widest wine selection and is home to over a hundred types of whiskies, 12 unique cocktails, home-brewed Cuban Rum and Cuban cigars ... You can find almost everything here. The best part is that you can have an open-air party right here at the height of 200 meters.

The 600-sq-m indoor section of the club can be divided into three parts, a cocktail bar, a whisky bar and a performance hall for bands to perform (These bands are from Canada, the USA and Cuba, bringing guests different music every day). Right beside the performance hall, there is the legendary glass corridor. When night falls, ordering a cup of handmade cocktail while listening to the passionate Cuban music ... nothing can be greater than this. If you want something to eat, you can try their Beijing Roasted Duck or head to the hotel's Fashion Restaurant right beside the club.