Mint Lounge & Cocktails


Name in Chinese: Mint Lounge&Cocktails 酒吧

Address: No.124, Shuguang Road, Hangzhou (杭州市曙光路124号)

Phone: 86-571-87995929

Brief of Mint Lounge & Cocktails

The entrance to Mint isn’t that obvious from the street, but if you just walk up and to the left side of the main entrance to the Boutique Tea Hotel, it’s a breeze to find. If it’s a loud crowded place that you want to go to, stay away from here. If it’s a nice, private getaway with outdoor seating that you want, try Mint.

This quiet Mint bar gets its name from the fresh mint growing all over the tops of the fences that keep out the street noise. It offers people a pleasant escape from the, usually loud, bar scene.

Mint’s garden has comfortable rattan furniture. Interior decor is simple and tasteful, with wooden paneling and upholstered furniture. It serves a range of wines and cocktails, including mojitos, martinis and absinthe. And their cakes are served with mint leaves.