Fanny’s Irish Bar


Name in Chinese: 芬尼爱尔兰酒吧

Address: No.430-5, Dongxin Avenue, Hangzhou (杭州市东信大道430-5)

Phone: 86-571-56000360

Brief of Fanny’s Irish Bar

Located directly next to Angelo's in the Tian Hong Jun Yi complex, the name Fanny's might get a few people's tittering. So if you are thinking of a comically, heavily-themed Irish venue, think again. With not a single musical instrument tied to the wall, Fanny's has taken a much more mature route regarding decor. Gone is the vague Irish paraphernalia hanging in the eaves, instead a long wooden bar and comfy seating welcomes you to a large space that still manages to feel quite personal. Dark greens, brick walls, and expanses of wood replicate a traditional Irish pub. If you can remember Hangzhou's bitter winters in the current spanking hot weather that is, a 'working' fire place is also a nice addition.

Big screen televisions and projector (satellite and IP channels) cater to sports aficionados, whilst the full-size pool table, foosball, and dart board provide entertainment for those wanting to wager more on their own skill.