Impression West Lake

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Name in Chinese: 印象西湖

Address: No.86, Beishan Road, Hangzhou

Phone: 86-571-85791266

Brief of Impression West Lake

The popular saying “above is paradise, below is Hangzhou” perfectly demonstrates the characteristics of the “heavenly city” — Hangzhou. Located in the subtropical zone with four distinct seasons, it’s endowed with a favorable climate, fertile land, rich resources, and outstanding talents. This beautiful, serene, and richly-endowed city boasts one of the world's famous scenic tourist resorts — West Lake which made it as a UNESCO World Heritage site.

The best way to appreciate this city’s culture and history thoroughly in a short time is to watch one of its best shows. Impression West Lake is one of China’s Top Seven Shows. It features the local culture of Hangzhou and unique charm of West Lake. It is world famous for its dreamlike show and fantastic elegance.