China National Tea Museum - Longjing Branch


Name in Chinese: 中国茶叶博物馆 (龙井馆)

Address: No.268, Wengjiashan, Longjing Road (龙井路翁家山268号)

Phone: No Information Currrently

Brief of China National Tea Museum - Longjing Branch

1 May 2015 was a big day for the China National Tea Museum which witnessed the addition of a sister tea museum, located in the Longjing Tea Plantation in the Longjing Area.

The two museums both concentrate on tea but each one focuses on different aspects of China’s much-loved commodity. In the old one – Shuangfeng branch, one can learn about Chinese tea culture, try hands at making red-ware used for making tea, view cherry blossom and taste West Lake Longjing Green Tea, while in the new one - Longjing branch, one can learn about the world’s tea culture, enjoy mountain climbing and sightseeing as well as shop for some tasty teas in its many themed tea shops. No matter which museum you choose, both will leave your thirsty for more.