China Finance and Taxation Museum

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Name in Chinese: 中国财税博物馆

Address: No. 28, Wushan Square, Hangzhou (杭州市吴山广场28号)

Phone: 86-571-87832677

Brief of China Finance and Taxation Museum

China Finance and Taxation Museum is situated in Wu Hill Scenic Zone of Hangzhou City, and at the northwest foot of Wu Hill, only 200 meters away from West Lake. It covers an area of 12, 000 square meters and its construction style combines squares and circles which resembles copper coin (currency used from Song through Qing Dynasty in China).

Formerly known as China Finance Museum, it was founded in 1999. In order to further advocate the spirit of unity of finance and taxation and sharing of resources, it's renamed China Finance and Taxation Museum in 2003.

The museum has four galleries (which display Chinese Folk Fortune Worship, Ancient Chinese Finance and Taxation History, Modern Chinese Finance and Taxation History and Contemporary Chinese Finance and Taxation History) and one exhibition area of Money Tree and Financiers. They systematically display the history and culture of Chinese finance and taxation.