Hangzhou Ancient City Wall Gallery


Name in Chinese: 杭州古城墙陈列馆

Address: Junction of Qinchun Road and Huancheng East Road, Hangzhou (杭...

Phone: 86-571-87807377

Brief of Hangzhou Ancient City Wall Gallery

The museum is no more than 66 meters in length, but it narrates the history of Hangzhou dating back to over 1,400 years. With an area of 600 square meters, it has two floors, with the second floor constructed completely by wood. The first floor was divided into two sections: the south section and the north section. The south section displays the historical records of Hangzhou ancient city walls, while, the north one focuses on the stories of these walls. Interesting old pictures, diagrams of the ever-changing face of the city borders, some dug-up artifacts, and murals and wood cuttings that depict ancient life along the wall are displayed. They’ve also exposed some of the ancient bricks below the glass floor.