China Knife, Scissors and Sword Museum


Name in Chinese: 中国刀剪剑博物馆

Address: No.366, Xiaohe Road, Hangzhou (杭州市小河路366号)

Phone: 86-571-88197511

Brief of China Knife, Scissors and Sword Museum

China Knife, Scissors and Sword Museum is situated beside China Umbrella Museum. Two museums share a joint entrance hall. After reaching the main hall then turning right, visitors will see China Knife, Scissors and Sword Museum. With a total area of 2,460 square meters, the museum professionally exhibits a unique culture of China traditional weapons and life tools. It has two floors. The ground floor exhibits scissors and knives, and the second floor shows a variety of knives and swords. The most highlighted zone is the interaction zone, where the visitors can experience the true activities of using these weapons. In this museum, the oldest knife is the bronze-made one made in China Warring-State Period (475 BC-221 BC), and the most mysterious knife is Damascus Steel-Made Knife. Besides, there are also the exhibitions of the traditional scissors workshop.