Hangzhou Arts and Crafts Museum


Name in Chinese: 杭州工艺美术博物馆

Address: No.344, Xiaohe Road, Hangzhou (杭州市小河路344号)

Phone: 86-571-88197511

Brief of Hangzhou Arts and Crafts Museum

Hangzhou Arts and Crafts Museum used to be an old silk factory by the Grand Canal. It is next to several other museums - China Fan Museum, China Knife, Scissors and Sword Museum, and China Umbrella Museum. The new landmark has collected nearly 600 works of arts and crafts, including a three-story-high bronze plum blossom - all mural made by local master Zhu Binren. The first floor contains shops selling artistic crafts; the second floor is an exhibition hall and studio space for several crafts masters; the third floor is a permanent exhibition hall displaying ceramics, sculpture, embroidery and other artistic crafts. A dozen of folk artists have studios on the second floor. Visitors are welcome to try their hand at various crafts and purchase them directly from the studio. The fourth floor is the Hangzhou Youth and Children's Cultural and Creative Center, containing 34 classrooms where young people study language, dance, music, art and crafts.