West Lake Expo Museum


Name in Chinese: 西湖博览会博物馆

Address: No.41-42, Beishan Road, Hangzhou (杭州市北山路41-42号)

Phone: 86-571-87997317

Brief of West Lake Expo Museum

This museum is located in the original exhibition hall of the First West Lake Expo, held in 1929. As the first exhibition hall in Zhejiang Province, it features the Art Deco style of that period. The First West Lake Expo lasted 137 days, and its over 147,000 exhibits attracted 20 million visitors, making it the most influential expo in China. However, the event was discontinued due to the turmoil in war-torn China. In 2000, Hangzhou government revived the expo as an annual festival. In 2003, the villa became the West Lake Expo Museum, with the aim of introducing the history of the expo through artifacts and documents, together with a modern multimedia experience.