China Grand Canal Museum


Name in Chinese: 中国运河博物馆

Address: No.1, Canal Culture Square, Hangzhou (杭州市运河广场1号)

Phone: 86-571-88162058

Brief of China Grand Canal Museum

China Grand Canal Museum is situated in the Gongchen Bridge District in the northern part of Hangzhou. It extends from Jinhua Road in the east to Zhoushan Road in the south, neighboring the Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal in the west. To the north, it is the Gongshu District government. In addition, the ancient Gongchen Bridge locates on the west side of the museum. The museum covers an area of 42,910 square meters, displaying the development of the Grand Canal. The construction itself is in traditional style. The buildings unfold around the Canal Culture Square as a fan, combining with the flat and slope design, adopting Chinese ancient traditional architecture patterns in the detailed aspect.