West Lake Museum


Name in Chinese: 西湖博物馆

Address: No.89, Nanshan Road, Hangzhou (杭州市南山路89号)

Phone: 86-571-87882333

Brief of West Lake Museum

West Lake is so beloved by the Hangzhounese that a museum was constructed to display its postcard-perfect natural scenery, irresistible charm, and enduring cultural heritage. Situated at the south part of Temple to King Qians, West Lake Museum features a fantastic array of cultural and historical portraitures representing Hangzhou, and is a great place to head before hatching any travel plans around this city.

Decorated with photos, models, artifacts and replica scenes, it offers a mesmerizing visual introduction to the top sports dispersed around West Lake. It also functions as a tourist service center and a repository of literature and scientific works devoted to West Lake.

West Lake Museum’s modern design and amazing displays render the otherwise overexposed material vivid and engaging. You can experience a history lesson in its 3-D stereoscopic cinema. All the introductions are bilingual: Chinese and English, enabling you to learn which birds once lived around the West Lake, which flowers once blossomed around, which famous people once lived in Hangzhou, and what they have left behind.