Qian’cao’wu Sushi (Bao’long store)


Name in Chinese: 浅草屋寿司(宝龙一号店)

Address: No.108, Building 2 Bao’long City Square, Xue’lin Street, Xia...

Phone: 86-571-13588016571

Brief of Qian’cao’wu Sushi (Bao’long store)

Qian’cao’wu Sushi is a legend of Sushi cuisine in Xia’sha District. The 20-meter-square store provides service for more than a hundred people in average every day, and it ranks No.1 in the Japanese cuisine restaurants in Xia’sha District throughout the years. Once you step into the store you can see the clear sushi bar. The sushi masters in the restaurant have almost 20-year experience as a cook of Japanese cuisine. The food is high-quality as well: first-rate rice for sushi, seafood imported from aboard, and seasonal dishes.

The thin mango slices with salad sauce on the top combine with avocado and eel in the roll sushi; you can taste the sweetness and freshness of mango with a bit saltiness. The Japanese fried-egg with four types of seafood in the stuffing and three sauces as the toppings is the must-eat.