Instant Noodles


Name in Chinese: Instant Noodles

Address: No. 90 Gaosha Community


Brief of Instant Noodles

This is a restaurant specializing in instant noodles. The 40-square-store is decorated with industrial style and various plaster models, on the walls are full of instant noodles. There are rules for ordering is: selection of noodles and ingredients, the cooking methods are also varied. Such as the cold turkey noodle, boiling noodles into ice water will make its taste more strength. As a world-famous spicy noodle, making it iced does not reduce but intensify the spiciness. Go well with the five flowers, crab sticks, fish plate and other ingredients, although it is spicy, you can not help eating. In addition, the beverages in the store are carefully selected and can be paired with instant noodles.

The instant noodles, ingredients and beverages will be updated from time to time, with one month of little update and two months of big update, and occasionally updated homemade drinks are waiting to be unlocked.