Haidilao Hot Pot (West Lake store)


Name in Chinese: 海底捞火锅(西湖店)

Address: The fifth floor of Yongjin square, No. 135 Yanan Road

Phone: 86-571-87088010/87088050

Brief of Haidilao Hot Pot (West Lake store)

Chinese cuisine is numerous, among which hotpot is one of the most representative dishes in China. Over the past nineteen years, Haidilao Hot Pot has always adhered to the rigorous ingredients selection principle and successfully created a catering brand with the features of Sichuan hot pot.

There are more than 10 kinds of pot bottom, such as butter hot pot, two-flour hot pot, tomato hot pot, mushroom hot pot, etc. About 20 kinds of condiments can be allocated arbitrarily according to their tastes and preferences. In addition, there are also free fruits.

The biggest feature of Haidilao Hotpot is its enthusiastic service. The restaurant provides free drinks, snacks and fruits for the waiting customers, and even free nail, table tennis and other services. In addition, whenever possible, the waiter always serves every guest with full enthusiasm.