Pu Restaurant (PUR)


Name in Chinese: 朴墅餐厅

Address: No.61 Yugu Road

Phone: 86-571-87203383/87203382

Brief of Pu Restaurant (PUR)

Located at the intersection of Qingzhiwu leisure zone and near Hangzhou Botanical Garden, close to West Lake, Pu Restaurant is surrounded by water and a typical South of Yangtze River scenery. Because of its popularity, the patrons who come to the restaurant are still in an endless stream and often need to queue up. The radio sound of queuing system often comes from a long distance.
After entering the restaurant you can see a few big firewood furnaces, on which there are stewed fragrant Hangzhou brine duck, roast lamb leg wrapped with tin paper, and ribs in the brick kitchen range, all these delicious food will make you to have a taste. The interior decoration style is simple and natural, just like its name. The dining room is divided into two levels with a spacious atrium and a second floor that has a perfect vision, from where you can enjoy the beautiful scenery of West Lake, and the restaurant is praised as "the best restaurant for lovers".