Juying’s Noodle House


Name in Chinese: 菊英面馆

Address: 368 Zhongshan South Road, Shangcheng District

Phone: 86-571-86998875

Brief of Juying’s Noodle House

Hangzhou people are fond of eating noodles and Hangzhou City has many noddle restaurants, among which, Juying’s Noodle House is a fairy tale in Hangzhou’s catering industry and has been operated for 24 years and it has a summer vacation in July and August each year.
Salted vegetable noodle, bamboo shoots noodle, sliced meat noodle etc. Among all kinds of noodle, Hangzhou people are keen on Pian Er Chuan, which is also the representative of Hangzhou’ cooked wheaten food. Juying’s Noodle House is small and simply decorated. It is said that in here you will enjoy the most delicious Pian Er Chuan of Hangzhou and its average selling amount is 600 bowls every day. Many people are willing to go all over Hangzhou and queue up in a long line in order to taste it.
Why is this noodle in Juying’s Noodle House so delicious? That’s because the owner treat everything carefully as well as cooking noodle. In other noodle restaurant, cleaning just means wiping the table and mopping the floor. But here is different, it needs to clean all the corners of the noodle house and ceiling fans also need sweeping. In every day of the past 24 years, everyone in Junying’s Noodle House pays much attention to and hold good attitude toward their everyday work. All the above detailed things made this noodle house captures such a good reputation.