Longjing Manor


Name in Chinese: 龙井草堂

Address: No. 10 Waijilong Mountain, Longjing Road, Xihu District

Phone: 86-571-87888777

Brief of Longjing Manor

Longjing Manor is a high-end restaurant located at Jilong Mountain (鸡笼山) and is specialized in Hang Bang Cai (Hangzhou Dishes). The restaurant boasts of extraordinary dining environment, which is as elegant and classical as a Jiangnan classical garden with islets dotting in the water, bridges spanning the water and pavilions, towers, pagodas and corridors submerged in the greenery and rockeries.

The over 20 mu (1 mu roughly equals 666 sq m) garden is filled with pavilions, towers and pagodas, and eight private rooms are built backing onto mountains and near water. Inside these private rooms are displayed antiques collected from farmers living nearby and the balcony outside provides an ideal place to enjoy tea and enchanting views.

The menu of the restaurant is very stylish with names of dishes written on the classical fans. Dishes of the restaurant are green and natural with all ingredients coming directly from the organic farmland. Simply leaf through the purchasing records on the table, and you will know which farmland the ingredients for your dishes come from. Moreover, behind every dish, there is a background story and to help guests to better understand these stories, there will be specially-assigned person expounding the story for you.

The restaurant is very popular and it’s always a wise choice to make a reservation first.