Tianxiang Tower


Name in Chinese: 天香楼

Address: No. 447, Yan’an Road, Xiacheng District (下城区延安路447号)

Phone: 86-571-87033388

Brief of Tianxiang Tower

Tianxiang (Heavenly Fragrance) Tower was originally founded by a Suzhou native named Lu Lengnian in the autumn of 1927. The grandfather of Lu Lengnian was appointed the governor of Suzhou in the late Qing Dynasty and was moved to Hangzhou in the early Republic period of China. The restaurant was named after a famous poem and it’s said that Lu Lengnian had generously rewarded the scholar who have put forward the idea of the name. Later, Tianxiang Tower gained popularity and was reputed as “national beauty and heavenly fragrance” and “the Most Fragrant in the World.”

When Tianxiang Tower first started, the business wasn’t that good and inspired by the fact that people came to Hangzhou loved to buy Hangzhou local products, the owner, Lu Lengnian decided that Tianxiang Tower should focus on providing Hangzhou-flavored dishes. He then recruited famous cooks and chefs in Hangzhou with great salary to provide all guests the most authentic and delicious Hangzhou dishes. In 1929 when Hangzhou held West Lake Exposition, honored guests from both China and abroad flocked to Tianxiang Tower to taste its much-praised Hangzhou dishes. Afterwards, Tianxiang Tower has opened branches in both Shanghai and Hong Kong. Till now, there are still restaurants in Hong Kong, the USA and Southeast Asia to use the brand “Tianxiang Tower” to provide Hangzhou-flavored dishes.

Tianxiang Tower has long led the rest of Hangzhou restaurants and its reputation spread wide and far. Tianxiang Tower has become extremely popular for its innovation and reasonable price and there was a time that a saying prevailing in Hangzhou, which goes like “To boat in the West Lake, one should get to No. 6 Dock of the West Lake; To sample Hangzhou dishes, then head to Tianxiang Tower in Hangzhou.”

Tianxiang Tower was originally set on the south side of Jiaoren Street (the current Youdian Road: 邮电路). In 1956, it was moved to the area near Jingting Bridge (井亭桥) on Jiefang Road (解放路). In January of 1981, it was transformed into a three-storey restaurant with an area of over 2000 sq m and can accommodate over 1000 people at a time. The Hangzhou dishes served in Tianxiang Tower is authentic in taste and unique in flavor. Special dishes of the restaurant include Dongpo Pork, West Lake Carp in Sweet and Sour Sauce, Shelled Shrimps with Longing Green Tea, Beggar’s Chicken, Deep Fried Jingle Bells, Stewed Spring Bamboo Shoots and Immortal Duck.