Shengli River Food Street


Name in Chinese: 胜利河美食街

Address: No. 284, Xiawan Lane, Gongshu District (拱墅区霞湾巷284号) - S...

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Brief of Shengli River Food Street

If you come to Hangzhou and ask the locals which is the best place to have night snacks in Hangzhou, then nine out of ten times, they will answer with Shengli River Food Street. In Shengli River Food Street, most of the restaurants have its open-air booth, which resembles Chinese classical pavilions and added with strings of red lanterns, the food street is just like an ancient street coming from the olden times.

In 2009, Shengli River Food Street officially opened to the public and after years of development, it has become the most popular one among Hangzhou’s food streets. Tourists in Hangzhou would usually come to Xiawan Lane at the banks of the branch of Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal, Shengli River to enjoy its delicate dishes and snacks. In this 460-meter-long street, there gather scores of restaurants. The food street is a gathering place of all kinds of dishes including Hangzhou dishes, local farm-flavored dishes, Sichuan Cuisine … and various kinds of food varieties such as fried dishes, hot pot, BBQ, seafood … Near the food street, there are also scenic areas to visit and to help to digest like Fuyi Granary, Imperial Dock, Dadou Road Historic Block and etc.