7080 Courtyard Restaurant


Name in Chinese: 7080庭院餐厅

Address: No.78, Nanshan Road, Hangzhou (杭州市南山路87号)

Phone: 0571-87770078

Brief of 7080 Courtyard Restaurant

Nearby the Liulangwenying scenic spot in the West Lake scenic area, the environment of the 7080 Courtyard restaurant is definitely comfortable. This restaurant, housed in a small wood, is built with living trees as its pillars, creamy white glasses as its walls and wooden flooring. The overall structure of the restaurant looks like a courtyard. Its design is actually in line with a “harmony”theme. Another theme of this restaurant is “7080” which means the generations after 70s and 80s. Its setting is reminiscent of the teens of the generations after 70s and 80s.