Jura Town


Name in Chinese: 汝拉小镇

Address: No.68-4, Jilong Mountain, Shuangfeng Village, Longjing Road, X...

Phone: 86-571-87979012

Brief of Jura Town

Jura in France is actually a small town with only nine families in France. It's beautiful and serene. The owner of Jura Town got attracted by this small town and tried to recreate it in Hangzhou. The owner set a rule that his restaurant only serve fifty people every day because he don't want too many people to interrupt its serenity.

Hidden in green mountains, Jura Town is more like a cottage from a fairy tale than a restaurant. With its outside wall covered with green vines, the cottage features retro style. It’s not luxurious at all. Everything here is casual, and simple. Elements like age-old desk fans, rusty bugle, wooden door carved with the sunflowers and a furnace all narrate their sweet memories. Food here is nice, too. You definitely want to try its roast mutton chops.