Din Tai Fung


Name in Chinese: 鼎泰丰

Address: 3/F, Mixc Mall, 701 Fuchun Road, Hangzhou (杭州富春路701号万象...

Phone: 86-571-88869511

Brief of Din Tai Fung

Established in 1972 in Taiwan, Din Tai Fung is an extremely popular restaurant with its specialty-Taiwanese style Xiaolongbao (小笼包). In 1993, Din Tai Fung has been honored to be one of "Top Ten Restaurants in the World" by New York Times. It has become one of the representative restaurants of Chinese traditional food. Always packed with people, Din Tai Fung in Hangzhou mainly serves street foods like various Xiaolongbao, Glutinous Rice Shao Mai (28RMB/5 pieces), the Pork Zongzi (25RMB), the Vegetable and Pork Wonton Noodle Soup (33RMB), the Steamed Vegetable Dumplings (23RMB), Vegetable and Pork Wonton in Sichuan Chili Oil (32RMB), and the Sour and Spicy Soup (28RMB). Their Xiaolongbao with various flavors tastes extremely good. Xiaolongbao is usually served on the clean and bright white cloth inside the bamboo steamer. Watch out when you are eating them, the soup inside Xiaolongbao is boiling hot. Comparatively, their price is a little bit expensive and the portions here aren’t that big, but it’s the quality over the quantity for sure. English menu available, as is underground parking.