Hen Ki Dessert

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Name in Chinese: 恒记甜品

Address: No. 58, Tian’e Street, Hangzhou (杭州市天鹅路58号)

Phone: 86-571-10107777

Brief of Hen Ki Dessert

Hen Ki Dessert is a Hong Kong-style dessert shop in the corner of the Life Plaza in Qianjiang New Town. It boasts a comprehensive menu with almost 70 desserts, 20 kinds of drinks and six kinds of ice cream.

The prices are moderate, such as one scoop of ice cream for 8 Yuan and a Mango & Pomelo Sago dessert, called “Yang Zhi Gan Lu (杨枝甘露)” for 26 Yuan. Like many dessert stores, it is brightly decorated with a yellow-and-orange decoration. Recommended desserts are mango balls that combine fresh, diced mango, mashed mango and glutinous rice balls, as well as durian and black glutinous rice balls that combine fresh durian and black glutinous rice balls with milk and cream.