Kui Yuan Restaurant


Name in Chinese: 奎元馆

Address: No.124, Jiefang Road, Hangzhou (杭州市解放路124号)

Phone: 86-571-87028626

Brief of Kui Yuan Restaurant

The restaurant is known for its tasty noodles with a long history and bizarre origins. Though the cooking style technically originated from nearby Ningbo (宁波), this 154-year-old restaurant set up by an Anhui businessman has become a landmark establishment in Hangzhou. Ordering a bowl of Noodles with Quick-fried Eel Shreds and Shelled Shrimps (虾爆鳝面) and Pian’erchuan (片儿川)-- the restaurant's specialty -- is a must-do for tourists to Hangzhou. Ingredients are abundant in each dish, and rather than using a generic MSG-laden soup base, the broth in each of the two bowls of noodles actually tastes and smells of the ingredients. The chewy noodles are handmade, using a special technique that’s more than 100 years old. Located on Jiefang Road (解放路), the city’s main shopping artery, the restaurant also offers a spacious place for travelers to take a pit stop.