Cha Ren Cun


Name in Chinese: 茶人村

Address: Longjing Road (junction of Wulaofeng Tunnel), Hangzhou (杭州市...

Phone: 86-571-87982998

Brief of Cha Ren Cun

Located in front of a tea field, the restaurant offers not only tasty dishes, but also the unique views of Longjing tea plantations. The decoration in the restaurant is traditional style: wood stairs leading to an upstairs, Qing Dynasty-like stools and tables.

The food and atmosphere were very satisfying. Don’t skip the Assorted Vegetables Fried with Eel Slices or the Chinese Style Sandwich. The latter being like Beijing Duck wraps with diced meat that’s not duck. The Cha Ren Cun Stir Fry was also delicious, more so when folded into the aforementioned wraps.