Fengdu Restaurant


Name in Chinese: 枫都酒家

Address: No.8, Yugu Road, Hangzhou (杭州市玉古路8号)

Phone: 86-571-87991819

Brief of Fengdu Restaurant

Fengdu is another hidden local favorite. In many ways, it is very similar: It's cheap; the food is consistent; the menu never bores the regulars; and they've got some dishes that match even the best places in town. What makes it different is its location just at the mouth of Baisha Spring.

Their bowl of Chicken Noodles and their Country Chicken Stew are out of this world. The Shrimp with Preserved Vegetables is a must, and the Salted Pork Fried with Bean Curd and Peppers is stellar. Their menu is hard to follow if you can't do the local lingo, but you should have more than enough choices with the suggestions below. This joint is always open well into the early morning hours.