Name in Chinese: 隐泉日式餐厅

Address: No.100-2, Lishui Road, Hangzhou (杭州市丽水路100-2号)

Phone: 86-571-88027588

Brief of Hatsune

Hatsune, is a place where sushi lovers can go nuts. It's got the biggest menu we've seen. We have to warn you though: This isn't the kind of sushi you'll find in Tokyo. The owner hails from California and has brought his penchant for California-style sushi to the Middle Kingdom. The location of this restaurant is perfect-- right on the canal across from Xiaohe Street. Hatsune has taken space in one of the several buildings constructed as part of the renovation, and while the outside is traditional Chinese, the inside ultra modern, with a sprinkle of Japanese thrown in. It's also equipped with a bar which is loaded with all kinds of Japanese liquor and international wines.