Nine Creeks Meandering Through a Misty Forest

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Name in Chinese: 九溪烟树

Address: South of Longjing Village, Hanghzou (杭州市龙井村南)

Phone: 86-571-86591494

Brief of Nine Creeks Meandering Through a Misty Forest

Nine Creeks Meandering through a Misty Forest (九溪烟树), also known as “Nine Creeks” or “Nine Creeks and Eighteen Ravines”, is full of rustic flavor. As one of Hangzhou’s top hiking trails, the scenery of Nine Creeks is at its best during misty or rainy days, just as its name hints. The hazy, surreal scenery has long been a source of inspiration and has been immortalized by beautiful poems and dazzling traditional Chinese landscape paintings.

Tucked away in southwest area of West Lake, it features nine creeks, Qingwan Creek, Hongfa Creek, Tangjia Creek, Xiaokang Creek, Foshi Creek, Baizhang Creek, Yunqi Creek, Qingtou Creek and Fangjia Creek, originating from the Waxberry Ridge of the Wengjia Mountain. During their journey along the verdant forests, they are joined by many streamlets. These circuitous creeks play hide and seek with the mountains. They will pop up unexpectedly or disappear quietly. In the end, they converge into the Qiantang River.

This place is adorned by Yu Quyuan (1821-1907), a noted Qing Dynasty scholar who wrote a poem to highlight its beauty:

The hills---range after range
The trails---winding and climbing
The creeks---murmuring and gurgling
The trees---high and lowly.

After a tour of this site, you will conclude that this poem not only presents a true and vivid description, but also voices sound judgment.

Today, travelers will find a pleasing afternoon from several hours of hiking. The verdant valleys, undulating hills, winding paths, rainbow-colored flowers and whispering streams will bring you into a rustic, serene, picturesque and undoubtedly relaxing world.