The Northern Peak

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Name in Chinese: 北高峰

Address: Behind Lingyin Temple, West Lake District, Hangzhou

Phone: 86-571-87960603

Brief of The Northern Peak

It is the Northern Peak and the Southern Peak together that form the spectacular scene of “Twin Peaks Piercing the Cloud (双峰插云)”.

The 355-meter-high Northern Peak is situated behind the famous Lingyin Temple (灵隐寺). It is accessible by a cable car within 7 minutes or by a 20-kilometer-long path. Walking uphill, you will hear zigzag streams murmuring and see the range upon range of emerald hills. On top no ancient buildings survive except Huaguang Temple(华光寺), otherwise known as Lingshun Temple (灵顺寺). The temple dates back to the Song Dynasty (960-1279), and was considered as “the No.1 Temple of Mammon”. In addition, there are the Flying Phoenix Pavilion, the Peach Blossom Hill, the Fan Hill and the Beauty’s Peak which are all worth visiting.

The Northern Peak is also the best vantage point from which to view the West Lake. In a clear day, you ll get awesome views across the city from the viewing platform on the peak s summit. A cafe at the summit gives visitors the chance to enjoy some tea while taking in the panorama outside.