West Zhejiang’s Daming Mountain Scenic Area


Name in Chinese: 浙西大明山风景区

Address: Baiguo Village, Qingliangfeng Town , Lin’an City, Hangzhou(...

Phone: 86-571-63709588

Brief of West Zhejiang’s Daming Mountain Scenic Area

West Zhejiang’s Daming Mountain scenic area, as an AAAA level national tourism area in China, is one of the top 10 best leisure and holiday resorts in Zhejiang province, a field survival base for Chinese university students, and the 2nd grade national reservation base of rare and endangered plants--Summer Wintersweet.

Located in the southwest of Lin’an city, with an elevation of 1489.9 meters and a 1,000-acre flat top, the Daming Mountain is a shinning pearl embedded in the Hangzhou-Huang Mountain golden tourist line.

Daming Mountain has 32 peaks, 13 secluded streams, 8 waterfalls, 3 over-one-thousand-acre-wide alpine meadows, about 10 thousand meters long caves through six mountain bodies and totally 96 scenic spots. The mountain is covered with exuberant plants and grotesque rocks. The most spectacular waterfall is the Longman Waterfall. On the bank of Daming Lake with a 1,200 elevation situated the largest outdoor ski resort in the Eastern China.