Hangzhou Polar Ocean Park


Name in Chinese: 杭州极地海洋公园

Address: No.777 Xianghu Road, Hangzhou

Phone: 86-571-82609090

Brief of Hangzhou Polar Ocean Park

Hangzhou Polar Ocean Park, with an area of about 226,667 square meters, is one of the largest ocean parks in China as well as the largest ocean theme park in Eastern China. It was completed on the bank of Xianghu Lake in 2008.

Situated in Hangzhou Xianghu Lake scenic area, Hangzhou Polar Ocean Park receives over 10 million visitors every year.  It is adjacent to the Kuahuqiao Museum, one-kilometer away from Hangzhou Leisure Expo Park, 2 kilometers from Xianghu station of Hangzhou Subway line one, 6 kilometers from the city center. Transportation is every convenient.

Hangzhou Polar Ocean Park has a collection of over 170 polar animals in 18 varieties such as polar bear, white whale, walrus, polar wolf, polar fox, sea lion, dolphin, penguin etc. and more than 20,000 fish in 1000 varieties. The overall water body in the park is of 15,000 tons weight. Wonderful shows are available such as the sharks dance performances, sea lion, dolphin and color whale carnival, white whale legend performance and Ukraine pirate funny show.