Yuanyuan Folk Customs Park


Name in Chinese: 黄龙洞圆缘民俗园

Address: No.16, Shuguang Road, Hangzhou (杭州市曙光路16号)

Phone: 86-571-87972468

Brief of Yuanyuan Folk Customs Park

Yuanyuan Folk Customs Park in Yellow Dragon Cave is located in the rear of Qixia Hill(栖霞岭) and covers an area of 58,000 kilometers. With wooded hills behind, the park features serene and mysterious beauty. It arranges streams, caves, pavilions and rockeries harmoniously. The park is a perfect place to appreciate bamboos. Inside the park, there are all kinds of bamboos among which the most famous one is Square Bamboo (a rare ornamental bamboo).

Outside the gate, you can see a stone inscribed with a big Chinese character “缘(Yuan)” which literally means “luck”. The stone is four meters in height and seven meters in width. Walking through the gate, there is the Touyuan Pool (投缘池). Six boys in ancient costume are in the pool, and they stand in six directions, which indicate six types of luck respectively. You may make your choice, and throw “luck coins” in your direction. The more you hit, the more you may get.

In the park, there is also a historical courtyard called Happiness Garden. Many distinctive arts and crafts stores and tea houses are displayed on the two sides of the courtyard. In the center of the yard you can see a big stage. Highlights of traditional operas are staged here every day. All these operas feature a romantic story with a happy ending. They include some well-known ones, like Legend of White Snake, the Scholar Choosing the Maid.