Animate Yourself in Hangzhou this April

White Horse Lake Cartoon and Animation Square is getting set to animate you all from April 26 to May 1, 2017. As a cartoon and animation feast for all, and the only national level exhibition brand of Hangzhou, this year the 13th China International Cartoon and Animation Festival will be themed on “International Cartoon and Animation • Embracing the World” to be in accordance with the G20 Summit held in 2016 in Hangzhou.

Last year, the festival gathered over 2531 organizations and 5300 professionals from 80 countries and five continents, and to date, 50 countries / areas have been confirmed to enter this year’s event, which include the US, Canada, England, France and Indonesia.

International brands such as Marvel, Hot Toys, Mattel, Minnions, HTCvive and Banpresto will also make their appearance. To boost both international influence and the coverage of the festival, the Cosplay Grand Ceremony and International Children’s Cartoon and Animation Works Competition will set side competition venues and itinerant exhibition venues in 11 countries, which are respectively, Germany, Japan, the UN, Malaysia, Singapore, Canada, the US, Spain, Hungary, the Netherlands and Denmark.

Furthermore, the team led by Alice Webb, the director of England’s BBC Children’s Channel will add more liveliness to the festival and the operation team behind Peppa Pig, a British preschool animated series now extremely hot in China, will also be there.

The 13th China Cartoon and Animation Festival will also join hands with MIPCHINA to create a high-end platform for international cooperation. MIPCOM is the anticipated global market for entertainment content across all platforms and as a significant part of MIPCOM, MIPCHINA is the first of its kind in China.