No Dragon Boat Competition in Xixi

It’s just learned that there is no dragon boat competition in Xixi this year, which is a great shame. Nevertheless, for those wanting to know about this spectacular sport, there is always Xixi dragon boat combo where, instead of watching others energetically rowing dragon boats, visitors can try the dragon boat experience personally under the instruction of staff of Xixi. The combo is available for teams of 6 – 10 people until October. According to their own demands, visitors can choose half-day dragon boat experiencing combo costing 2880 RMB per boat or half-day dragon boat experiencing, plus half-day Xixi boat cruise combo which costs 3980 RMB per boat.

Visit Xixi National Wetland Park during Dragon Boat Festival and you can also enjoy folk art performances such as boxing on boats, Yueju Opera and you can even try your hands at making rice dumplings and perfumed sachets.

Venue: Shentankou (深潭口) and Qian Jin Yang (千金漾) Water Area
Telephone: 86-571-88106688