A Feast of Animation and Cartoon, a Festival of All

When people speak about Hangzhou, nine times of ten, the first thing that comes into their minds is the scenic and legendary West Lake. Now that we have the China (Hangzhou) Cartoon and Animation Festival, which is the only state-level professional cartoon and animation festival in China mainland and also the largest, the most influential of its kind with the most participants, this popular opinion is going to change.

Since its initiation in the spring of 2005, China (Hangzhou) Cartoon and Animation Festival has been held for 11 consecutive years. For the past 11 years, the festival has succeeded in providing all ‘a feast of animation and cartoon, a festival of all’ and will continue to do so. Consisting of four sections, exhibits and fairs, forums, competitions and interactive activities, the festival usually falls around the time of the national Labor Day with this year’s taking place from April 27 till May 2. Only four days to go before the fun begins and you can animate yourself, friends and family with an assortment of colorful activates taking place in the White Horse Lake Animation Plaza.
Things to do during the festival include watching the stunning float parade, enjoying the fierce COSPLAY competition, playing animation and cartoon games, listening to dialogues between masterminds and getting inspired by the professionals and taking your pick from a wide variety of official merchandise.


The biannual Hangzhou Summit attracts 15 world-renowned cartoon and animation festivals and exhibitions from 12 countries to Hangzhou, among which are TV Festival de Cannes from France, Angoulême International Comics Festival from France, World Content Market – Moscow from Russia, Ottawa International Animation Festival from Canada, Córdoba International Animation Festival – ANIMA from Argentina, Seoul International Cartoon and Animation Festival from South Korea and Cape Town International Animation Festival from South Africa.

The TED talks will hold ‘West Lake Forum’ during the festival, inviting international professionals from the fields of cartoon and animation, design and entertainment to share their precious experiences, and also on the official website of TED an introduction about the festival is given to the whole world.

Over 50 noted cartoon and animation brands such as Transformers, The Avengers, ONE PIECE, Avatar, Garfield, and Dragonball Evolution, etc. will show their charm at the festival.

Breaking the norm of traditional gallery visiting showing only static works, high-end sound and visual technologies such as AR, VR, and stereographic projection have been introduced to present visitors over 400 great animation and cartoon works from 80 countries in a form of dynamic audio and visual way.

In addition, the COSPLAY competition, the largest of its kind, will have its final during the festival.


Types: Presale Online Ticket and On-site Ticket (adults and kids)

On-site Ticket

  April 27 - April 29 April 30 - May 2
Adult 35 RMB per person 50 RMB per person
Kids from 1 meter to 1.5 meters 25 RMB per person 25 RMB per person
Kids under 1 meter Free Free

Presale Online Ticket (available before April 25)

  April 27 - April 29 April 30 - May 2 Note
Adult 35 RMB per person 50 RMB per person Every valid ID can purchase only five tickets at most.
Family Package 1 (One adult and one kid) 60 RMB per person 75 RMB per person Every valid ID can only purchase two family packages at most.
Family Package 2 (One adult and two kids) 85 RMB per person 100 RMB per person