Hangzhou Included in ‘Best Places to Travel in 2016’

Recently Hangzhou was included and ranked 7th on the list of fifty ‘Best Places to Travel in 2016’ by American travel magazine Travel + Leisure and won wide recognition by the Huffington Post and other international media outlets. Apart from Hangzhou, other beautiful global destinations such as Panama’s Bocas del Toro, Mexico’s Guadalajara, American Virginia’s Richmond and Lille in France have also been included on the list.

According to ‘Travel + Leisure’, Hangzhou was included because of its idyllic scenery, beautiful mountain and lake landscape as well as its modern buzz.

Reason #1: West Lake Scenery

For hundreds of years, artists, poems, businessmen and adventurers have been attracted to Hangzhou in admiration of the unique West Lake scenery. The beauty of the city is self-evident.

Reason #2: Secluded Countryside

Xinfeng Village in Tonglu County, a two-hour ride from Hangzhou downtown, also rose to the attention of editors of the magazine. In this modest village hides a homestay hotel out of the ordinary. It has a huge outdoor bathtub and hearty home cooked meals. Visitors can wander among picturesque bamboo groves.

Reason #3: Modern Prosperity

With developed manufacturing industry and a high-end new technology industry, Hangzhou is now one of the richest cities in China, and is also the location of the Alibaba Group headquarters.

The busy Hangzhou international airport allows landing of international private aircrafts. The city’s newly opened luxurious hotels are worth visiting, such as the Azure Qiantang, designed by French architect Pierre Yves Rochon, and the to-be-opened second Shangri-la hotel at the West Lake, and the Mercato Piccolo Hangzhou branch with J G Vongerichten as its head chef. Moreover, Da Shu Wu Jie(大蔬无界), Shanghai’s famous vegetarian restaurant will also soon be open in Hangzhou.

Reason #4: Critical Acclaim

Hangzhou was included in the list of top 41 cities worth visiting in the world in 2011 by New York Times and ranked 33 in the list.