A Bite of West Lake Trip

The opening ceremony of “A bite of West Lake Trip” food festival was held in High Xuan Spa Hotel Hangzhou on Dec.22. The activity will last until Jan.3. Whilst enjoying West Lake Trip, visitors can take the chance to taste delicious dishes prepared by chefs from over 10 popular Hangzhou catering enterprises. 

The activity was hosted by West Lake Scenic Area Tourism Bureau, West Lake District Business Bureau and Hotel Restaurant Association of West Lake District. 20 delicacies of local characteristics, historical and cultural connotations, including Sesame Chicken, Stewed Turtle, Mutton Pot and King of Fish Head, appeared on the spot, prepared by Zhejiang Narada Grand Hotel at West Lake District, Sheraton Hangzhou Wetland Park Resort, Brain International Hotel, Xixi Resort Hotel, Yan Zhou Fu (严州府) etc.

Those 10 some catering enterprises are mostly located along the West Lake. Visitors can enjoy various discounts during the activity. Some star rated hotels have promoted characteristic dishes with affordable prices. For example, Cantonese cuisine at Sheraton has 15% off and Yan Zhou Fu, Chengxi Branch, has 22% off.