A Cool Way to Enjoy Christmas…

Hangzhou, in the spirit of Christmas, has prepared a variety of performances to bring you joy during this festive season. The World Ice Arena, one of Hangzhou’s indoor entertainment venues, will take you to a fairyland full of imagination and is, for sure, one of the coolest ways to have fun this year.

In this arena a Christmas ice show, themed on the story of ‘Pinocchio’, will unveil the joy of the Christmas season.  Stage props and the plot of ‘Pinocchio’, a large variety of single-person, double-person and team ice activities will slide into action and provide you with a show stopping festive performance. 

Whether visitors choose to enter the ‘Pentathlon on Ice’ where they will win a Mix City Leisure Card and Ice Skating Card, or have fun in the ‘Christmas Carnival on Ice’, riding ice bumper cars and ice bikes, or join in the activity of ‘Who is the Mysterious Santa?’, either way you are guaranteed a winter to remember.

For gifts and beverages then various kinds of Christmas goodies and hot drinks are also carefully selected for you in the ‘Christmas Shop’.


‘Pinocchio’ Themed Ice Show

Dec 19, Dec 25 19:15

Pentathlon on Ice

Dec. 24 19:30-20:45 

Who is the Mysterious Santa?

Dec. 25 starting from 20:00

Christmas Carnival on Ice

Every weekend from December 19 to January 3 from 12:30 to 19:30

Christmas Shop

Dec. 5 to Dec. 31