Hangzhou's Most Beautiful Ancient Paths

The activity of ‘Selecting the Most Beautiful Ancient Paths in Hangzhou' has already began and will actively continue until May 31 2016. From 29 paths suggested by all districts, 20 have been nominated among which Fuyang’s Anding Mountain Ancient Path (安顶山古道), Longmen Mountain Ancient Path (龙门山古道) and Jiu Yang Ping Path (九仰坪登山道) are just three in line to be chosen as one of the most beautiful ancient paths in Hangzhou.

Anding Mountain Ancient Path

Anding Mountain is a holy place for hiking enthusiasts and is noted for its breath-taking scenery and extremely good eco-environment where, in winter, one can even witness the spectacular ice waterfall. The path is also a place of historic and cultural significance. It used to be in ancient times a route for the salt trade and was also closely associated with Zhu Yuanzhang – the founder and first emperor of the Ming dynasty (1368-1644) who took refuge here when he was wanted after the failed rebellion.

Most people choose to hike here to remember Zhu Yuanzhang but if they ascend further along this ancient path they are awarded with some wonderful surprises. Along the path one can experience four seasons in one hike, from the sunny weather at the foot continuing onto the snowy weather at the top of the mountain, which is quite simply a natural spectacular.

Longmen Mountain Path

Longmen Mountain is located at the southern banks of the Fuchun River in Fuyang District. Its main peak, Xingmei Peak (杏梅峰), is 1067m in altitude and is the highest in Fuyang District.

Longmen Mountain path leads to a panoramic view of Fuchun River and Longmen Ancient Town, the latter residing at its foot is a well-preserved ancient town and the gathering place of the descendants of Sun Qun – the founder of the state of Eastern Wu during the Three Kingdoms Period (220-280).

Jiu Yang Ping


Jiu Yang Ping, the third highest mountain in Fuyang district, also offers a unique hiking experience. It is remarked for its winding paths flanked by ancient trees, fresher than fresher air and lingering clouds on Tangfeng Peak (唐峰尖), the main peak which is 7100-m-high. Furthermore, hike along Jiu Yang Ping path and you will be met by a unique and mysterious stone wall embedded into its slope, as well as the Lianshan Village (连山村) hidden in its valley.

Also known as ‘Stone Great Wall’ the wall was formed by a row of peculiar-shaped rocks of different heights and is hidden naturally among greenery. The village, home to ten families, is an isolated spot hidden away from the outside world and with the youth having moved on it only leaves behind the elders who want to be with their village.

For its isolation from the outside world the villagers are still able to retain their old lifestyle and here you can experience what life was like some 50 years ago.