Chinese Poker at Yunman Hot Spring Heated Atmosphere

On Nov.22 nearly one hundred Chinese poker “Landlords” masters gathered in Hangzhou Yunman Hot Spring and showed their excellent skills. A series of exciting activities including pear eating competition, a tug of war in water and crazy balloon blowing heated the atmosphere.
After a hot opening mask dance, Landlords competitors divided into groups by lottery. As the referee commanded, accompanied by shuffling sound, the warmly expected poker competition started. Competitors from young to elderly with very high enthusiasm made friends by cards. After 30 innings of intense competition, the top four stood out, and harvested awards and certificates.

To alleviate stresses and strains, Yunman Hot Spring held pear eating competition, crazy balloon blowing and a tug of war. Players tried their best and released pressure as well as had fun and joy.

“I usually like to play landlords. Rising in rank to join in this competition is quite a surprise. I didn’t expect the competition could be so much interesting to playing cards and other games whilst enjoying a hot bath. Very nice! Next time if time is available, I will come back. ” Said a competitor.