Impression West Lake Temporarily Stops Performance From Nov.7

Impression West Lake, the wonderful romantic live-action show, has just finished the last of its ninth session of performances. Observant citizens may find that the performance ends two months earlier than last year. Before the 10th session of performances, the Impression West Lake will have a comprehensive upgrade, so audiences will get the opportunity to watch a more amazing Impression West Lake.

Impression West Lake as a gold card of Hangzhou has always attracted attention. In less than 10 years, as a cultural project, it has been critically acclaimed by visitors from around the globe,  following the long standing West Lake and Lingyin Temple, which is really a very great thing. Once seen, Impression West Lake is guaranteed to be remembered for years.

This September TripAdvisor, the famous travel review website, awarded the Excellence Award to Impression West Lake. We believe that the next Impression West Lake will be much more beautiful and impressive.