Hangzhou - Successively 9 Years the Happiest City in China

The list of “Happiest Cities in China 2015” was released in Beijing on Oct.31. The “well-off society, happy China” was the new theme for this year. Hangzhou city once again won the title of “Happiest City in China” and the only “2015 happy Chinese city government contribution award”.

This year’s selection activity started from June. More than 80 million people took part in public investigation, sampling investigation and data collection. This year the evaluation activity of “the demonstration city of well-off society construction” also took place. Moreover, Hangzhou won China's well-off society construction demonstration award.

The investigation and evaluation activity of “Happiest Cities in China” was co-hosted successively for 9 years by Oriental Outlook Weekly, a Xinhua news agency, and China’s Urban Development Report, the Chinese mainland mayors’ association.