West Lake Night Pleasure Boat Will Suspend Service by the End of October

From Oct.8, according to usual practice, this year the West Lake night pleasure boat will gradually suspend shipping service.

“Generally most of night pleasure boats suspend service by the end of September. After the seven-day National Day holiday, only Quan Rao Dragon Boat is still in service at the wharf of No.5 Garden. However, all West Lake night pleasure boat will suspend service by the end of October.” A staff of West Lake Vessel Company said.

“Quan Rao Dragon Boat is very popular with tourists for its noble image and reasonable price. You can see golden dragon head and tail, archaized upswept eaves, carved beams and painted rafters. Tickets for Quan Rao Dragon Boat are available at No.5 Garden Wharf (contract number: 87028153), with the price of 90 CNY per person. (Fruit, Longjing tea or other drinks, and Jiangnan traditional musical instrument performance are included. Half price for children between 1.2m-1.5m)

Night Cruise Route: Bai Causeway -> Autumn Moon Over the Calm Lake -> Su Causeway -> Three Pools (stay 5min) -> Orioles Singing in the Willows -> Lakeside Musical Fountain -> back to wharf, one circle around the lake, about 50 minutes.
For those who want to have a night cruise, hurry up to get on board to beautiful West Lake night view.