West Lake International Expo to be Unveiled this Friday

The West Lake International Expo Hangzhou China is going to be unveiled this Friday on Oct.16 and will last for 16 days, targeting a trade volume of 10 billion RMB. 

This year the West Lake International Expo will be held without opening ceremony the same as last year whilst the Economic-trade and Sci-Tech Cooperation Fair will held as an opening activity which is among the two major activities of the expo.

The Economic-trade and Sci-Tech Cooperation Fair will be held from Oct.16 to 18 in Zhejiang World Trade International Exhibition Center. The Fair sets two sections of theme exhibitions and international cooperation fair. The cooperation fair will be professional and the theme exhibitions will be more suitable for ordinary citizens.

For those who are interested in intelligent technology, the Smart City Pavilion can be a nice choice where will display various advanced products from more than 200 info enterprises.

For those who are interested in independent innovation platform, you can visit Smart Industries Pavilion where Alibaba, Tencent and Baidu set investment in incubation projects.

For those who have resources and want to create wealth in “Internet +”, you can visit Smart Finance Pavilion which is a development and resources docking platform for Hangzhou wealth management industry.

What’s more, you can also visit Smart Energy Pavilion where might be full of your ideas about the future.