Water Festival Makes a Splash in Tonglu

Picturesque Tonglu of Hangzhou  has verdant mountains as well (as) a scenic water landscape, and this summer in July, The China Tonglu Leisure Village Tourism Festival will greet us with a splash by providing us with a festival of fun in Fuchun River.

Tonglu Water Festival

What to expect:

Opening Ceremony of 2017 Fuchun River Water Festival

Time: Saturday July 8 at 09:30

Venue: Tianmuxi Rafting Wharf (天目溪漂流码头)

a. Water Yoga Performance Plus Guqin Performance
Time: 10:00 to 10:15
Venue: Tianmuxi Wharf
Intro: Yoga experts will perform yoga moves on rafts, which enhances the peace and tranquility of Tianmu Stream even more and demonstrates the harmony between man and nature. Accompanied by Guqin and lucid waters, this is a relaxing way to satisfy the senses.

b. Tiamuxi Rafting Competition
Time: 10:20 to 11:30
Venue: Tianmuxi Rafting Wharf
This is the highlight of the opening ceremony, which combines fun with fierce competition. It will raise the curtain of the Tonglu water tour.

Red Lantern Beer Gathering

Time: every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday from July to August (reservations needed for other times)

Venue: Red Lantern Wood Holiday Zone
Intro: The evening gathering is a combination of beer and passion, a village party to set your body and mind free, and a carnival full of splashing water. With a bottle of beer and a tray of spiral snails on hand, the experience is surely a tasteful one. The chance to perform on stage and various awards are also available!

Yaolin Wonderland Watermelon Festival

Time: every Saturday and Sunday from July to August

Venue: Miaofeng Garden, Yaolin Wonderland (瑶琳仙境妙峰苑)
Intro: In sweltering temperatures, a piece of ice-cold watermelon is heaven to the lips. Besides the cool 17 degrees Celsius inside Yaolin Wonderland, the scenic area also provides tourist groups with ice-cold watermelons.

Daqishan Bamboo Forest

Time: every Saturday and Sunday from July and August

Venue: Bamboo Forest Zone, Daqishan National Forest Park
Intro: Daqishan Mountain in summertime is extremely beautiful. Paths are flanked by bamboos which lead towards the deep section of the forest where it is secluded and extremely cool.