Hangzhou Tourism Passport – G20 Tour Itineraries Joint Tickets

On April 23, Hangzhou Tourism Commission joined hands with the Hangzhou Branch of China Post Group and Alibaba’s Koubei Website to issue the “Hangzhou Tourism Passport – G20 Tour Itineraries Joint Tickets.”

About G20 Tour Itineraries Joint Tickets


Hangzhou Tourism Passport – G20 Tour Itineraries

The first issue of Hangzhou Tourism Joint Tickets (printed) is in the style of an exquisite album. There is a unique code printed on the cover, and introductions on every designated business and a commemorative stamped postcard are included inside.


During the G20 Hangzhou Summit, G20 leaders and their partners were enthralled by the magnificent West Lake, the ancient Grand Canal, the primitive charms of Xixi National Wetland Park, the city’s resplendent silk and the renowned and most fragrant Longjing green tea. Now, it is your turn to be mesmerized by these many wonders and at a discounted price too.

Hangzhou Tourism Passport – G20 Tour Itineraries

From May 1, 2017 to December 31, 2017, voucher holders can enjoy the many discounts as stated by each designated business on the ticket. Each voucher can only be used once and by one person only.


Hangzhou Tourism Passport – G20 Tour Itineraries

“Collecting Stamps to Collect Awards”, is a promotional activity that consists of collecting seven different stamps and then sending snapshots of them to the life account of “Hangzhou Tourism Passport (杭州旅游护照)” in Alipay, where upon you will receive an opportunity to get a gift.


The join tickets of Hangzhou Tourism Passport includes special offers for five categories of 20 businesses, including Lou Wai Lou Restaurant, the performance of “The Most Memorable is Hangzhou” and Wensli Silk. The discounts offered by scenic areas are as high as 120 RMB off the original price. Others include 10 RMB vouchers for the International Expo Center and Xixi National Wetland Park, 50 RMB vouchers for the performance of “The Most Memorable is Hangzhou”, 85 percent off for purchasing an item from Wangxingji Fan Shop, 12 percent off the Hangzhou Cuisine Museum, and 5 percent off when dining in Lou Wai Lou Restaurant …

How to get the Joint Tickets
Starting from 9 am on April 25, and upon presentation of a valid ID, people can purchase the paper ticket of Hangzhou Tourism Passport from designated post offices or online through the Post Wechat Online Store. Each joint ticket costs 10 RMB and every valid ID can only purchase three Hangzhou Tourism Passports at most.

What’s more, Hangzhou Tourism Commission will be giving away a limited number of Hangzhou Tourism Passport joint tickets for free in a certain period which everyone with a valid ID is entitled to.

To appreciate Hangzhou at a discounted price, then you simply must get a joint ticket of Hangzhou Tourism Passport.